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RIN Portal

Our Regulatory Information Notice (RIN) Portal is designed to automate the collation and preparation of the Australian Energy Regulator’s annual RIN reporting process. Used by half of Australia’s electricity distribution network businesses our unique dataset has helped these businesses prepare analysis and insights which have enhanced their business processes and improved the efficient operation of their networks.

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Powerful Features

  • Easy to use web interface with the same look and feel as the AER’s templates;
  • Automated export from the portal into the AER’s Consolidated, Actual and Estimated templates;
  • Automated export of the BOPs into an excel or word format;
  • Trend analysis on every cell;
  • Progress reporting and tracking;
  • Integrated PowerBI analytics and charts
  • Database for connection to BI (e.g. Tableau / MS Power BI) and analytics tools (R / Python / SAS);
  • Compatible with SAP and Oracle;
  • API connection to source systems / data lakes;
  • SSO compatible with Microsoft Azure, ADFS, OKTA, PING