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RIN Process Mapping

We understand the importance of documentation for business continuity purposes and resource management. Our process mapping approach includes a forensic analysis of your Regulatory Information Notice (RIN) processes for extracting, transforming and loading the data into the Rosetta RIN Portal and the Australian Energy Regulator’s spreadsheets identifying time and cost saving opportunities for process automation.

Powerful Mapping Process

  • Documentation – Documentation of the business process undertaken to complete RIN (Table description, AER requirements, assumptions, exception, data extraction and transformation);
  • System flow – Details how each of company’s system interact with each other and with employees interaction;
  • Data flow – Template-based and individual table-based flowcharts that raw data goes through before submission;
  • Data Quality – Insights on quality with which data is captured. (i.e. data collection is manual or by system, estimated or actual data proportion);
  • Data Catalogue – Details related to the systems (i.e. system name, version, system owner, data owner, IT owner and operational data description);
  • Resource Management – Insights on amount of resources and efforts spent to complete RIN;
  • Business Continuity – All this documentation aids to explaining RIN submission practices to auditors and stakeholder.